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2024 Programs for Schools / Libraries

Adventures in Folktales!


Action-Packed Stories

(based on Folktales

from Kentucky, Ohio and Beyond!) 

made fun and accessible

through story and song! 

Listeners will find themselves asking compelling questions as we adventurously make our way toward the “moral of the story!”


Appropriate for grade levels

K - 2  and  3 - 5

and Summer Reading Programs!

Supports KY / OH Course Standards

K.C.CV.1., 1.I.Q.1., RL.1.2., RI.3.6., RL.4.2.

My Pet Toaster

and Other Structured Stories

Ghost Stories, Tall-Tales, Fairytales, oh my!

Kids learn to recognize genres, compare / contrast stories

within the same genre,

and learn about story structures

AS they interact, 

          sing along and have fun!                                  

Appropriate for grade levels

K - 2  and  3 - 5

and Summer Reading Programs!

Supports KY / OH Course Standards

RI.2.1., 3.E.MI.2., RL.4.5., RL.5.9.

Positive Message

Ghostly Tales

Ghost Tales and Spooky Stories

based on Kentucky and Ohio lore

that not only "fun-frighten" 

and "jump-scare"

but encourage kindness, compassion,

and an awareness of how much

our individual actions can negatively or positively affect others.


Appropriate and adaptable

for grade levels

3 - 5, 6 - 8  and  9 - 12

Supports and promotes empathy

in our young people.

In addition to the above programs, Paul has over 7 hours of Stories and Songs in his repertoire
and loves to lead workshops / residencies.  Don't see the exact thing you're looking for?  Reach out!
He will be happy to craft a set of programs to your needs. 



Single in-person program (40-60 minutes) - $399*

Two presentations (same day) - $699*

Three presentations (same day) - $949*

Workshops / Residencies / Evening Performances for Families - Contact Paul for a specific quote

*travel Fees will be applied


If you are interested but have budget limitations, please reach out.

Discounts can be applied under certain circumstances,

and Paul will do what he can to work within your budget.

Check out this video trailer of performances for Young Audiences!

Paul loves telling to listeners of all ages 5 and older.   

He crafts programs that are age and content-appropriate for schools, library events, or any other opportunity he may have to share stories with young people.  Whether you're looking for Spooky/Ghost Stories, Tall-Tales,

Adapted Fairy-Tales or Kentucky Folk Tales Paul has stories that are engaging, educational, and fun!

Pricing is summarized above but depends upon length and number of programs as well as distance to travel.

 If you're interested but have budget constraints, reach out.   We can and will find a way we can work together.

Let's make some stories happen in your community!  CLICK HERE TO CONTACT PAUL for BOOKING!

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Paul telling a Tall Tale to a High School Group
at Cave Run Storytelling Festival 2022

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